Ac Cleaning Services in Lahore

AC services in Lahore are highly essential for the people living in the city. With its hot weather, AC service has become necessary for most people. There are many reasons why people would want to get their AC serviced.

The most common one is that they want to make sure that their AC is running at its best. Some people want their AC to be serviced because they have a warranty on the machine and need it to be following the manufacturer’s requirements. Some factors will help you decide when you should get your AC serviced. One of these is how old the unit is. If it’s an older unit, then it might need more frequent service than newer units. Another factor that will affect this decision is whether or not your unit has been moved recently, as this can cause damage to the internal parts of the machine and may require more frequent servicing.


AC services maintenance is a necessity for safeguarding your AC from wear and tear. When you are not using the AC, it is always advisable to turn on the fan mode. This will help in circulating air and also help in removing moisture from the coils.

There are mainly two types of available AC services in Lahore:

  1. AC cleaning services
  2. AC repair services


The former service is more common than the latter. It involves periodic checks of your AC to clean it, check its functioning, and also ensure that it is not leaking any refrigerant gas. Repair AC services are more technical and involve repairing or replacing parts of your air conditioner if necessary.


How much does AC service cost in Pakistan?

AC cleaning service in Lahore is a professional AC cleaning company that provides the best services for your home or office. You can call us for any type of AC-related problem and we will serve you to the best of our abilities. In Pakistan, AC service providers are not very common. However, there are a few companies that offer AC services at reasonable rates. AC is a system of cooling and dehumidifying large areas. It is uniquely designed to maintain indoor comfort such as Pressure, humidity, and the temperature consistently without causing variability. This can also be installed with many standard home products. Previously there were a lot of unprofessional AC service providers who would show up only when there was an emergency like when people were out of the city or because the landlord was showing up at the house.


The AC services charge very reasonably on a cost basis, depending on how much you pay for an hour or day. The affordable AC services fee starts from Rs1500 itself. But the cost of AC service in Lahore varies depending on the size of the system and the type of service required. If you need an AC cleaning service, it would be between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000, while if you need an air-conditioning installation, it would be between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9000, and so on.

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