8 Simple Ways to Make a Man Chase You for Love

You cannot love what you hate. Work on yourself first by loving that person in your mirror. We attract what we think and these and many more are how to make a man chase you in your relationship building.
make a man chase you

8 Simple Ways to Make a Man Chase You for Love

Everyone wants to be valued. Women feel valued when they get that special man to chase them. And you may be thinking about how to get a man to chase you in real life. It is first getting your keys or strategies right. Know what to do first about your body before thinking of getting attraction from someone.

You cannot love what you hate. Work on yourself first by loving that person in your mirror. We attract what we think. You must visualize and love yourself first. There are a lot of things required of you to get your dream come to reality.

We are going to walk you through certain strategies that will help you understand the human mind and how to attract good things in real life. Many of these strategies have worked perfectly for the doubting Thomases and you ought to see their glooming faces now. If you truly want the ways to make a man chase you, continue to read.

1. Don’t Chase a Man, Let a Man Chase you rather

You don’t have to skip your routine life for a man simply because you want to get attraction. The results of chasing a man can be terrifying. Keep your space and let that dude do that chasing.

You have your daily routines like a gym or anything that makes you happy, keep doing that to give you that good shape. You must first build your outlook and avoid getting his attention when he is not ready for you now.

To do it right, you mustn’t take years to respond to him. Squeeze up some time for him. Don’t be constantly busy throughout the time of your life. And don’t also stop entirely because you need his attention to get him to chase you.


2. Catch His Eye with Your Flex

Congratulations on maintaining the first point. You now need to get his full attention on your side. After you made it to see him, build your confidence well. Make him see the beauty in your eyes. Let him see but not saying that you love the person you are.

For this step, you can use your feminine magnetism to attract his attention. When he sees great eye contact from you, he will know how great you fall in his life. Just being a lady can help you easily get his attention but it is up to you to use your magnetism.

You can be playful, flirty, and very receptive to others. He must play the role of pursuing while you are allowing it to come.

You just have to know how to play your cards but not completely accept everything that comes into your conversation.

3. Let Him Think More About You

Try to do something memorable especially when you are with him. Let your footprint remain in his mind to keep him wondering about the type of lady you are. You can leave his place with a memorable kiss that will keep his heart glooming with excitement.

Do you know that a kiss with good intentions leaves memories forever? Yes, it does if you are not aware. Leave him with something that excites him and it will make him chase you forever.


4. Let the Law of Attraction Work for you

What you attract is what comes to play. If you have doubts about ways to make a man chase you, then you must practice this act. You imagine yourself being in the hands of that handsome man. You will definitely get things that for you if you make it a habit.

Have faith that he will chase you. Any man that makes efforts towards you, means he will do and chase you. You should have a positive mindset.  Manifest the right man in your life. Give yourself time and see what will come to you recently as the man will chase you from the way you attract based on positive thoughts.


5. Have Your Own Schedules

Have your own activities well planned and never forgo your happiness for someone. Figure out your own activities like games, hobbies, and others. When he takes the mantle to do any of these and remembers doing it if you are not around, it keeps his mind on you.

You can plan to have a fan together with him by taking any of your preferred activities. Plan to have any of the activities together. This will make it difficult for him to forget you.


6. Mention His Name Often when Conversing

Many feel cared for and attentive when you mention their name in a conversation. Say his mane during any chat to see how he will really notice you. Keep doing things that will make him happy. Mention his name in a manner that is lovely.

Men feel proud when their lady romantically mentions their name in a chat face-to-face. Why not take advantage too?

You can say, “Sam, what’s your favorite game?” or “Do you like soccer, Prince?”


7. Spend More Time with Him

Get the opportunity to spend time together in any little thing that comes your way. A relationship is about time and attention. It is revealed in several studies that men always think about the person they spend enough time with. What I want to tell you is that, let him see you often around him.

Get to be with your man when he is going out for a program. Try to be together when there is a friend’s party. Get him the best of your time and it will make him crave more about you.


8. Send him Flirty Pictures or Text

He will be smiling to see your love pictures shared with him. Drive his mind to yourself through the sexy pictures you have for the day. He will always think about you when he sees your gorgeous photos.

Are you still thinking about how to make a man chase you? Let your love action be the best for you. Take a cute picture with a nice outfit and send it to him. It can even be a love text. Tell him he is the best man you ever know. Be cool and do what can make him think all over.



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