5 Hacks to look sexy in everyday life

how to look sexy

“Sexy is an attitude, not a body type.”

Looking sexy is no rocket science. It is often overcomplicated on TV shows and commercials by getting into the what-exactly-do-men-like trope. But looking sexy, and feeling sexy has less to do with the likes of other people than it does with our own self. Confidence is crazy sexy. And it is irreplaceable. Check out the new confident women’s range of thigh highs using Kixies coupon codes.

Here are 5 ways of looking sexy with minimal effort. 

  • Wear Red

Some psychologists are of the opinion that the colour red evolved to be associated with fertility in humans. Studies show that men are more attracted to women wearing red than any other coloured dress. Even if there are no deep cuts or complex designs on the dress. In fact, they perceive red-dressed women as being more receptive to romantic advances. Even in animals, oestrogen levels increase in reproductive females of many monkey species, including chimpanzees and a subspecies of baboon called mandrills. This causes their blood vessels to swell and their faces to turn brilliant red. Males appear to get the message that it’s time to move in when they encounter a woman with a flushed red complexion. This same theory might be true for humans as well.

The world knows it. Red has always been considered the colour of love. Romance. Arousal. Women have been flaunting bright red lipstick for years, attracting the gaze of men. Now, it’s your time to shine. Bring out those red outfits packed up in your wardrobe. Or buy new ones. Check out Kixies deals to buy bright red thigh-highs for your size. 

  • Strategically expose your skin

Showing skin is considered as the classic “being sexy” act. However, you do not want to let off too much. That might destroy the mysterious enigma that makes women attractive at times. You want to tease people’s imagination by showing off a little, but not kill it with overexposure. One good way to go is to show one body part at a time. Wearing a deep-neck dress? Let your cleavage hold the attention and keep the other parts moderately covered. If you want the focus on your legs, the upper body wear can be full or a little less revealing. Or if you are exposing your belly, make sure your legs don’t take away from the focus. Use Dresslily coupons to get attractive thigh highs for all leg sizes.

In the end, we can talk and talk. But what makes you feel comfortable and what feels like “just right” is a personal choice for most women. The enigmatic line between too little and too much has different coordinates for all of us. Make your choice. Try out new combinations. 

But remember, whether just showing a few of your collar bones or going full out in a monokini, carry it with confidence. Thigh highs are another great way of exposing just enough. They entice fantasy without over-revealing. Get exciting discounts on all kinds of thigh highs using Kixies discount codes.

  • Wear high heels

Everyone loves heels. But is it just because they make you look taller? They actually do much more. Heels enhance your figure, even though they seem like just an accessory for your foot. Shoes with heels shorten strides and increase hip rotation and tilt. Since you lean back a little when you wear heels, your chest is forced out and your backside is tucked in and made tighter by the high heels. By just standing up in them, your legs and calves naturally look toned. Check out Kixies sale to buy toning thigh highs for your legs. In other words, a woman’s legs appear to be suddenly longer and her shape appears leaner merely by donning a pair of heels! Heels make you stand taller and face the day with confidence. Thigh-highs look great with heels too. They cover your elongated legs and give them a well-defined look. You must visit Kixies offers to get yourself a comfortable pair of thigh highs.

  • Make eye contact

There is nothing sexier than eyes that cast you by a spell. Making eye contact indicates confidence and high self-esteem. Flirting with your eyes is the old-school way of telling without saying. Just by being attentive and looking into the eyes of a person when talking, you can build an initial connection with most people. Studies have proved that sexual arousal is heightened by eye contact. The eyes are a display of our emotions and thoughts. They make you look vulnerable and open, which instantly makes you someone worthy of paying attention to. So get your eye game strong, but remember not to overdo it. Too hard eye contact can send off the wrong signal and even scare people away! Be confident but not cocky.

Look at the collection of thigh highs using Kixies promo codes and find your hidden confidence. 

  • Be comfortable in your body

We can spend ages deciding what to wear, how to look and how to talk. But a person who is not comfortable can never be attractive. We all have our own insecurities when it comes to our bodies and there’s always something we want to change. But true confidence stems from self-acceptance. Studies show that women who have body image issues gain less satisfaction from sexual acts due to their belief that they don’t deserve it. Self-image affects all parts of our life. Even if we feel like it’s only within us, it gets reflected in everything we do.

Wear clothes that make you feel confident. There are various dressing hacks available to bring attention to more appealing parts of your body and hide your less likeable parts. For instance, if you are skinny and want to look a bit heavier, wearing loose and layered clothes might do it for you. If you are heavier on the thighs, maxi dresses may look better on you. Thigh-highs are a great way to feel confident for women of all sizes. They enhance the features of your legs while also covering and defining them. Go have a look at the wide range of thigh-highs available at Kixies shopping.

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