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15 Ecommerce Website Design Tips to Improve Online Sales

No matter how effective your online marketing is, if your online business is not optimized for sales, you could fail to attract the right audience and, as a result, lose key customers. For websites to convert website visitors into customers, engaging eCommerce web design is essential. The layout and style of your website should ideally make browsing and making purchases as simple, quick, and stress-free as possible. If visitors leave your website without buying as soon as they arrive, you are wasting your money on advertising. This blog will give you some of the top eCommerce website design tips that will help you improve online sales.

The Best Ecommerce Website Design Tips for Designers

There is various eCommerce best advice that will win you over your customers and persuade those who are not sure whether to buy from you. However, you can pursue the following eCommerce website design tips to improve online sales.

1- Remove Untidy Things from Your Website Design

Your website has to be cleared of clutter as a first step. If visitors enter your store and are immediately bombarded with information, they might become confused. One of the recommended eCommerce website design tips for website homepages is this. On the landing page, highlight your top-selling products and inform visitors of ongoing deals and campaigns. Keep the attention where it belongs that is on your items. If you have a blog, make sure you properly link to it so that visitors or potential customers can access the data they require.

2- Keep Your Audience in Mind

Every single element of the design of your eCommerce website, including the product pages, the photos of those products, the contact forms, and the checkout page, can influence your audience’s choice to make a purchase. Your website should make the finest possible first impression. Therefore, when making decisions on the design of your eCommerce website, always keep the audience and potential customers in mind. User experience is vital for you to convert visitors into consumers and retain them. One of the best eCommerce website design tips you should follow while designing your website is to keep in mind your audience.

3- Emphasis on the Accessibility of Visitors

Organize the pages of your website in a way that is easy for your visitors to navigate. They can easily evaluate products and place orders. If your customers see all these elements on your websites, they will favorably make buying decisions. Your eCommerce website should have properly arranged aspects so that your audience will convert into customers. Easiness of your customers should be your top priority, and it is one of the useful eCommerce website design tips to follow.

4- Use Compelling Graphics

Online consumers concur that product photos are more significant than customer feedback or product descriptions. Therefore, pick the most alluring graphics to draw in customers. Instead of relying on stock images, produce your own original content in high-quality infused with your style. High-quality photos help clients visualize owning your goods because they cannot touch them physically. The conversion rate can spike as a result.

5- Go for a Simple Design

Unlike visually complicated websites, minimalist websites are frequently considered more aesthetically pleasing and reliable. Consider simplifying your site design for eCommerce if you want to maximize conversions. Moreover, make your eCommerce website’s design more straightforward. Use a minimalist design concept with lots of white space and also remove any extraneous information. There are many eCommerce website design tips you can follow, but going for a simple design will be a result-oriented one.

6- Evaluate The Mindset of Visitors

Visit your website like an audience and evaluate how a visitor would respond to your eCommerce web design and features. You have to visit and browse your website like a potential customer to meet your website with the audience’s needs and expectations. If you think your website fulfills all the requirements of your audience, then you can relax because you are delivering a promising experience to the audience.

7- Keep Navigation of the Website Simple

If it is difficult for users to find what they seek increases the cognitive load. They will leave your website without the intent of returning back. So make your navigation bar simpler. Use the best homepage practices to lead visitors in the right direction. Maintain the simplest navigation possible, make it relatively straightforward for customers to switch between product pages, and track user activity across the site to provide them with personalized recommendations. You can obtain an ecommerce development agency for more eCommerce website design tips or make your website engaging enough to improve online sales.

8- Utilize Alluring Colors

Utilize color intelligently and create an allure to make it difficult for your audience to resist. The psychological state of viewers is influenced by color. It does not mean that just because one hue makes you happy, it will do the same for other people. If customers believe your eCommerce site is garish and loud, excessively employed colors may drive them away. Therefore, it is the finest eCommerce website design tip you will get.

9- Search Bar

Many of the people who visit your website are probably already thinking about a certain product when they first arrive. With a search bar, consumers may quickly discover the item they’re looking for without reading through pages of irrelevant content. Users are more likely to look elsewhere for what they want if they can’t easily search your website. Your search bar should appear near the top of your website frequently in the right corner to make it as quickly and easily located as possible.

10- Simple Ordering and Checkout Process

Having a fantastic product is no longer sufficient to gain repeat business. That certainly helps, but in today’s fast-paced business environment, order processing procedures can make or break a business because they significantly influence the customer experience. Nothing causes a higher rate of cart abandonment than a difficult checkout procedure. Only ask for essential details, such as a name, shipping address, and payment information. In addition, you need to provide customers with checkout as a good option. It is a useful eCommerce website design tip you can utilize.

11- Include Filter System

Some clients visit your online store because they know what they want. However, they have no idea about the rest. Think of it as the equivalent of window shopping online. They want to examine your resources. Product filters are crucial for this reason. Your products are sorted by product filters so that customers may concentrate on the goods they are interested in. Create filters that are relevant to your visitors by considering what is important to them.

12- Brief and Concise Content

You will get many tips for eCommerce website design. However, no one will tell you that You need to input only the valuable content on your eCommerce site. The content should be original as well as helpful for the audience. Customers will bounce back if they do not find any relevant or helpful content on your site. All product descriptions should be accurate, concise, and meaningful. Moreover, your text needs to be screen optimized. Excessive content will lead to distracting your possible customers.

13- Optimize Your Website to be Mobile-Friendly

Most online customers use mobile for online shopping. Therefore, you need to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. You can hire custom web design services from a top web design agency to adjust your website for mobile screens. The biggest mistake you can make in designing your website is not to optimize your website for mobile use. Therefore, test your site on every device and platform to ensure it works fine on every platform.

14- Include FAQs Section

The best way to boost sales is to remove all the doubts of the customers. Therefore, you can add a FAQ section on all the important pages of your eCommerce site. Moreover, you can add a FAQ section for a product or service as well to answer any uncertainties related to it. Adding FAQs establishes trust among your audience. In addition, this eCommerce website design tip can help you dodge the situation of answering repetitive questions from visitors.

15- Be Unique and Uniform

Among the useful eCommerce website design tips, one is that your website design and content should be unique and uniform. Your web design, content, and mechanism should be unique from your competitors. If you design your website similar to any other, the customer will not take more interest in you, thinking of you as an impostor. Moreover, you need to be constant throughout your web pages. All your web pages should have the same mechanism. Visitors will feel lost if they do not find any uniformity on each page.


Designing your eCommerce website up to the standard can be an exhausting task. You should evaluate your website in many aspects and revamp it to the audience’s expectations. However, by following the aforementioned eCommerce website design tips, you can make your website an exemplary one that can attract an audience and improve your sales. Moreover, you can get a web design service from leading firms like Website Valley. They are one of the best web development service providers out there.


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