10 best vanilla mass gainer supplements in India

Mass gainer is considered to be a really popular fitness supplement. It comes a close second to whey protein. A lot of beginner level fitness enthusiasts and athletes get confused about mass gainer vs. whey protein. Also there are so many brands available these days that it might get difficult to choose the best mass gainer. Ask your trainer and doctor and follow their advice. 

Mass gainer vs. whey protein 

One of the hottest debates in the fitness world is mass gainer vs. whey protein. A lot of times people ask which of these two is better. But there is no correct answer. It depends on your fitness goals and what you want to achieve. You should get in touch with your trainer to know mass gainer vs. whey protein , which one will work best for your fitness needs. 

Mass gainer is ideal for those who want to gain weight in a healthy way without adding extra fat to their body. While, whey protein is known to aid muscle building, improves strength, and prevents muscle breakdown. Adding extra calories to your diet can be slightly challenging, especially if you want to build lean muscles and not gain excess fat. It is a good idea to include a high calorie mass gainer in your routine to get extra calories, protein, and all other essential nutritents. 

Best vanilla flavored mass gainers 

Check out these premium quality vanilla flavored mass gainers that you can include in your fitness routine. 

1. GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX

One of the best mass gainer powders in India is GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX. For those who are slow gainers and have a fast metabolism due to which they find it difficult to gain weight, this would be a great addition the their routine. It has zero added sugar and is gluten free as well. Vanilla flavor is super delicious and gets mixed instantly. 

If you are also confused between mass gainer vs. whey protein, then this mass gainer protein is the answer. It is the ultimate lean mass builder and each serving provides 50 g of fast, medium, and slow-digesting proteins, along with 10 g of BCAA, and 748 kcal. It also provides 3 g creatine which helps in improving training results and supports muscle protein synthesis. It is enriched with micronized amino acids that prove to be a fuel for muscle cells and support growth and repair of muscles as well. 

2. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass 

Optimum Nutrition (ON) is one of the bestselling fitness supplements brands globally. ON Serious Mass is a premium quality mass gainer that you can include in your fitness routine if you want to gain weight in a healthy way. Each serving of 2 scoops provides 50 g protein to support muscle recovery process and 1200 calories. It is enriched with 1 g creatine monohydrate, 1 g L-glutamine, and also provides the goodness of 23 essential vitamins and minerals for various functions of the body. 

You can have it post-workout or in-between meals as a healthy alternative. Vanilla variant is delicious and so versatile. You can make shakes and smoothies or add it to various recipes like pancakes, protein bars, waffles etc. to get the goodness of this mass gainer minus the guilt. It is a vegetarian supplement that’s ideal for both men and women. Just mix 2 scoops with 710 ml water or skimmed milk and make a smooth shake. 

3. Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer 

Next on the list of best vanilla flavored mass gainers in India is Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer. It is known for its amazing quality and is totally value for money. The main benefits are – it helps to provide right calories for weight gain and aids in building your muscle tone and mass, aids in the stimulation of your immune system and metabolic rate, and is integrated with amino acids for faster post-workout recovery. 

Each serving provides 1235 calories and 52 g protein for muscle building. If your fitness goal is bulking up and are hard gainer, then this would be the best mass gainer. Add 7 scoops (approx. 333 g) with 900 – 950 ml water or milk and make a delicious shake. Ask your trainer if you can have it post workout or in-between meals. 

4. MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL

MuscleBlaze is one of India’s leading fitness supplement brand. Musclelaze Mass Gainer XXL vanilla is a great choice and delivers targeted results. It is ideal for bulking up and muscle building. It is especially crafted for fitness lovers who want to build sturdy muscles. 

Each serving provides 82.5 g protein and 1383 calories in a ratio of 1:3. The main benefits of this mass gainer are – it contains a perfect blend of fast and slow metabolizing carbohydrates that help in maintaining a sustained calorie supply in the body, it helps in muscle building and repairing through its unique blend of slow, medium and fast-reacting proteins, has the goodness of 27 essential vitamins and minerals along with digestive enzymes, and it is a high protein mass gainer which helps with post-workout. 

5. Absolute Nutrition Knockout Series Elephant Mass Gainer 

Absolute Nutrition Knockout Series Elephant Mass Gainer is a premium quality mass gainer that should definitely be on your radar. It helps in mass building and each serving provides 20 g protein for optimum muscle building and post workout recovery.  It is a vegetarian supplement and is ideal for both men and women. It has a delectable mango vanilla flavor that goes perfectly in smoothie bowls, protein shakes, and other recipes. It is recommended to have three scoops for best results, but do consult your doctor and trainer. 

6. ANS Performance Lean Mass Builder 

ANS Performance Lean Mass Builder is the perfect lean mass gainer for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to gain weight in the form of lean muscles. Each serving provides 30 g of protein, 30 g of carbohydrates and 3 g of creatine for the ultimate post-workout growth and to prevent muscle breakdown. It provides 1:1 ratio of protein and carbohydrates for rapid muscle building and recovery. The vanilla flavor is a favorite of many. It tastes amazing and gets mixed instantly. Mix one scoop of ANS Performance Lean Mass Builder with 500 ml chilled water or milk and make a delicious shake. 

7. Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer 

If you are looking for a mass gainer that provides amazing results and is cost effective at the same time, then your search ends at Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer. It contains a mix of 5 different proteins for sustained release and a balanced amino profile. it is made using high quality imported whey to ensure the best quality. Each serving provides 711 kcal per serving for mega gains, 40 g protein for lean muscle mass building and proper recovery, and 123 g carbohydrates to promote muscle glycogen replenishment.

The vanilla ice-cream flavor is really delicious and is a favorite of many. It can be used in various ways – make a tasty mass gainer shake, add it to smoothie bowls for that extra flavor and goodness of mass gainer, or add it to recipes like oatmeal, protein bars, and muffins. 

8. Proquest Lean Mass 

Proquest Lean Mass is a special muscle mass building formula. It is ideal for all levels of athletes and bodybuilders. Each serving provides 936 calories, 54.6 g protein, 147 g carbohydrates and various other minerals and vitamins. It is also enriched with the goodness of creatine, BCAAs, and L-glutamine which help prevent muscle breakdown and reduce fatigue and tiredness, especially after intense workouts. 

Vanilla cream is one of the most widely loved flavors. It tastes amazing and gets mixed instantly. Mix 3 scoops (approx. 225 g) with water or milk to make a smooth shake and have it post-workout, in breakfast, or mid-meals. 

9. Tara Nutricare Magik Mass 

Tara Nutricare Magik Mass will be a great addition to your fitness routine if you are looking to develop lean muscle mass. For those who are hard gainers with a fast metabolism, this mass gainer is the perfect choice. It is loaded with the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals. It comes with proportionate protein carb ratio that can help in defining your muscles. Each serving provides 32 g protein, 51 g carbohydrates, and is enhanced with L- glutamine, taurine and L-lysine that accelerates protein synthesis in the body. 

10. Nakpro Perform Mass Gainer 

Nakpro Perform Mass Gainer is a high calorie and high protein mass gainer having complex carbohydrate with balanced blend of protein from three sources. It helps gain healthy muscle mass, enhances recovery, supports healthy metabolism and also provide additional strength & energy during workout. With age and intense workouts, the muscle mass starts receding in the body. It is important to include a premium quality mass gainer that also provide optimum protein to help you with your daily nutritional needs. 

Nakpro Perform Mass Gainer is enriched with 23 vitamins and minerals that help in boosting immunity and provides performance fuel to give your workouts an edge. It contains no added sugar and is trans-fat-free. The vanilla flavor tastes amazing and can be used in various ways

Whatever mass gainer you choose, make sure you read the dosage instructions of each of them. Do not consume excess amount, as it may cause side effects and even trigger allergic reactions.

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